Destination Campbellville Community Association (DCCA) was established in 2006, as a result of numerous community meetings. DCCA was formed to serve as a community organization and in 2009 was incorporated as a non-profit organization.


The Campbellville Community Association exists for the primary purpose of improving the quality of life in Campbellville and the surrounding area.


Campbellville and the surrounding area is one of the best communities in Ontario in which to live.


We will accomplish this by being:

  • Well-connected and engaged with local, regional, provincial, and federal government representatives, our local community (residents, business owners), and others with a link to the Campbellville area;
  • Informed of local issues, concerns and viewpoints, as well as pending laws or activities that may affect our community;
  • A facilitator of communication, by creating opportunities for various viewpoints to be expressed; and,
  • Transparent, by providing information via multiple methods.

Current Structure:

The Board of Directors consists of between 6 and 9 members.

Executive Directors:

  • President:  Jennifer Sibbitt
  • Past President:  Liz Lambrick
  • Treasurer:  Jennifer Sibbitt
  • Secretary:  Lynn Trevisan


  • Cindy Lunau
  • Trish Walker
  • Sandy Hatzis
  • Pat Kobernick
  • Susan Capone
  • Maureen Juniper

Committee Chairs:

  • Beautification:  Carm Augustyn
  • Bursary: Pat Kobernick
  • Marketing: Susan Capone, Sandy Hatzis
  • Events: Liz Lambrick, Jennifer Sibbitt
  • Finance:  Jennifer Sibbitt
  • Membership: Pat Kobernick
  • Planning & Development: Cindy Lunau
  • Town Liaison: Cindy Lunau
  • Webmaster: Noel Campbell

Please use our Contact Us page to get in touch with our Directors or Committee Chairs.


  • Visually enhanced village through fundraising efforts which lead to planting hundreds of native plants, building of the park Gazebo, annual Christmas tree lighting, new park benches, new planters and the list goes on.
  • Received the Civic Improvement Award by Milton Chamber of Commerce in 2012
  • Successful annual Social functions bringing community together for Jeans & Jewels, Celebrate Campbellville Street Festival, Golf Tournament and umbrella organization overseeing the annual Santa Claus Parade, Tree Lighting and Skating Party
  • Through collaboration and communication, gained the respect of external stakeholders establishing a cohesive working relationships with the town of Milton and Halton Region


In past years, DCCA has  provided funds to various local groups through event based fundraising initiatives. Brookville Minor Baseball, Brookville Public School and Campbellville Scouts and Guides are some of the recipients of these funds.

Events require a lot of volunteers both on the planning stages and the delivery. We are happy to consider all those willing and able to join us.

Our Beautification Committee also requires volunteers to come out and help with planting each Spring around Campbellville. In 2013, in conjunction with Conservation Halton, a planting event was held at the Gazebo Park, Ontario’s smallest Conservation area, with the results being a wealth of native plants and a barrier between the pond and the grass which will hopefully lead to another goose-free zone in 2014.