Executive Secretary


The Campbellville Community Association (DCCA) is a registered not-for-profit organization that exists for the primary purpose of improving the quality of life in Campbellville and the surrounding area, by representing the interests of the community. The DCCA requires an Executive Secretary, to maintain the DCCA Minute Book, and ensure the association is adhering to its By-laws, and being governed in a transparent and responsible manner.


Responsibilities fall under three main areas:

  • Campbellville Community Association (DCCA) Board meetings

o   Request and compile monthly reports from the DCCA committee Chairs, and distribute to Board members in advance of the Board meeting

o   Attend the monthly DCCA Board meetings (generally 7:30 -10:00 pm)

o   Prepare minutes of the monthly DCCA Board meetings, and distribute to Directors in a timely manner

  • Annual General Meeting (AGM)

o   Prepare notices (email and hard copy) for the membership about the AGM (past copies are available to use as a template)

o   Ensure all members are informed of the date, time and location of the AGM

o   Assist the Membership Co-ordinator in organizing the AGM

  • Maintain the official records of the DCCA

o   All official records are kept on the official DCCA laptop, and backed-up regularly on an external hard drive

o   Information will be provided by the committees and Directors

o   Maintain the official Minute Book (minutes of AGMs and Board meetings)



  • Must be a member of the DCCA
  • Comfortable using a computer
  • Familiarity with Word, Excel and email (Powerpoint would be an asset)
  • Ability to type
  • Ability to accurately take minutes (notes) of a meeting
  • Comfortable reading by-laws and the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act
  • Well-organized, with attention to detail


Time Commitment:

  • This is a volunteer position. It is for a 1-year term, but ideally, we would like someone willing to consider this role for more than 1 year.
  • Monthly Board meetings each are approximately 2.5 hours long but will require some preparation time and time afterward to prepare minutes (total ~4 hours/meeting).
  • Time for preparation before, and attendance at the AGM (5-7 hours).



  • The current Secretary will train the new Secretary in all aspects of the job, and be available to assist for the first year.


For more information about this position, contact Ruth at Secretary@Campbellville.net.


If you are considering this position but would like to attend a Board meeting first to learn more, let Ruth know and this can be arranged.