Membership Co-ordinator


The Campbellville Community Association (DCCA) is a registered not-for-profit organization that exists for the primary purpose of improving the quality of life in Campbellville and the surrounding area, by representing the interests of the community. Anyone over 18 years of age is eligible to become a member of DCCA. The DCCA requires a Membership Coordinator, to oversee all aspects of maintaining, expanding and engaging the members.



  • Maintain the official Campbellville Community Association (DCCA) membership list (in Excel and email).
  • Ensure confidentiality of the membership information (e.g., do not distribute or use for any purpose other than for official membership communications).
  • Renew memberships each year, including collecting money, issuing receipts, and issuing membership cards (this may be done electronically, in future).
  • Coordinate with neighbourhood representatives to renew members and add new members.
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and other events to sign up new members and renew memberships.
  • Help coordinate the Member Benefit Program with local businesses.



  • Invite one or a few friends or neighbours to help you with your responsibilities.
  • Invite new members and businesses to join the association.
  • Assist the Secretary in organizing the AGM.
  • Issue official communications to the DCCA Membership.
  • Attend other functions during the year (e.g., Celebrate Campbellville) to advertise the association and sign up members.



  • Must be a member of the DCCA.
  • Familiarity with Excel and email.
  • A friendly and positive manner.
  • Well-organized, with attention to detail.


Time Commitment:

  • This is a volunteer position. Ideally, we would like someone willing to consider this role for multiple years, and willing to train their successor.
  • Most of the time will be between March and June.

o   March and April will be preparation for, and attendance at, the AGM (5-7 hours).

o   Renewing memberships (mostly from the AGM to the end of June (10-20 hours).

  • A few hours each month over the course of the year, to sign up new members, maintain the membership list, send emails, etc.
  • Other activities as you determine and wish to do.



  • The current Membership co-ordinator will train the new co-ordinator in all aspects of the job, and stay as part of their team for the first year.


For more information about this position, contact Ruth at