Planning & Development Committee Chairperson


The position of P&D Committee Chairperson for the Campbellville Community Association (DCCA) is an important one, as not only are current P&D issues of importance, but the Chair must be aware of potential future issues affecting the community to provide recommendations to the BOD to assist it in setting priorities and approve actionable items on behalf of the Association. This position requires an experienced, mature professional person that can stay in the role for a period of time to demonstrate leadership and stability to the Association, its members and other stakeholders. Steps must be taken in succession planning that the right candidate is chosen to assume the roles and responsibilities of the P&D Chair.



  • Collects P&D issues from BOD discussions and community meetings and facilitates a discussion with committee members to provide a background document and recommendation for consideration to the BOD and its members.
  • Interfaces with key political and government stakeholders or civil agencies to gather information and further the goals and objectives of the DCCA.
  • Remain current with assistance from local Councillor on emerging topics of interest from a P&D or policy perspective affecting the Greater Campbellville Area.
  • Ensures that the members of the committee are available to interface with other members of DCCA committees and assist them in achieving the goals and objectives of the DCCA.
  • Delegate roles and responsibilities to other members of the P&D committee to assist with the information gathering and recommendation process.


Requirements / Skills:

  • Must be a member of the DCCA.
  • May not necessarily be a member of the Board of Directors for DCCA, but must be able to present reports as needed to the Board.
  • Organised and effective communicator.
  • Macro level planning & policy background and development experience an asset
  • Previous experience in dealing with government stakeholders or civil agencies an asset
  • Able to chair an effective meeting and work well with others.
  • Be able to delegate responsibilities to others
  • Be familiar with Word, email and other social media


Time Commitment:

  • This is a volunteer position, within a not-for-profit association. The term is for 1 year, although ideally a commitment should be made for at least a tenure period of 2 to 3 years, to provide continuity within the organisation.
  • Meetings of the P&D committee vary in length but are not longer than 2½ in length, for each meeting. The work commitment immediately after a P&D meeting is moderate, but would vary according to importance of the community issue within the committee’s mandate under review.