Webmaster   The Campbellville Community Association (DCCA) is a registered not-for-profit organization that exists for the primary purpose of improving the quality of life in Campbellville and the surrounding area, by representing the interests of the community. The DCCA maintains a website www.Campbellville.net. It is important that we have a Webmaster to keep the content current, so that it remains a valuable resource for the community. The Association is looking for a volunteer to fill this position.   Responsibilities:

  • Respond quickly to requests for posting of new web content.
  • Ensure the website is kept current. Frequent updates are needed for:

o   Event postings

o   Business directory

o   Member Benefit Program

o   Current Issues


  • Must be a member of the DCCA.
  • Must be comfortable using a computer.
  • Must be familiar with website programs. The website www.Campbellville.net uses WordPress.
  • Must have access to email and check it at least daily.
  • Must be available to do website updates on a regular (weekly) basis.

Time Commitment:

  • This is a volunteer position for one year. Ideally, we would like someone willing to consider this role for a 2-to-3-year term, and willing to train their successor.
  • A few hours each month over the course of the year, as needed.
  • Other activities as you determine and wish to do.